Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Reviews : 《CAST’EE》Air Stocking Spray

Hi guys! I tried out some interesting products the other day and I wanted to share them with you in this video! All of the products are from SHOPPING99.PH  http://goo.gl/9t1fDf

The 3 Products come in a set:  http://goo.gl/crm54J

This is such an amazing exfoliator. Since it comes in a mouse form, it is not as abrasive as other dead skin remover products. The good thing about it too is that it removes all impurities present on top of the skin without creating micro-cuts on the areas applied. Other abrasive exfoliators rely on grainy materials or ingredients to eliminate dead skin which in result also leaves the skin with microscopic cuts.   Please see the video above on how I use the product.

This leg makeup is phenomenal!!! Boy! I am inlove with this air stocking!!!  "Air stocking" ? catchy, isn't it? ^_^ It leaves the skin with a pinkish white glow, which everybody dreams of. It is also SWEAT PROOF, WATER PROOF

About the cellulite remover....I'm still in the process of trying this out.  I will do a separate video about it.. PLEASE STAY TUNED!!!! 


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