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- Shake the bottle several times to mix well.
- Apply to clean dry skin.
- Press and spray about 20cm away from the skin.
- Apply and spread quickly with your fingertips.
- Allow to dry thoroughly before wearing clothes or shoes.
- wash it out with water and soap.

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《CAST’EE》air stocking spray

If it's your first time using it, you might want to try again after the first spray, since there are possibilities of spraying too much, or not enough, or possibly, you focused the spray too much on one area. Practice makes perfect.

New Discovery:
The Cast'ee Air stocking spray, though in a small can, actually has several uses. I've discovered several techniques than can be helpful to the other consumers. Including those who feel that the air spray isn't as amazing as everyone raves about. hahaha. Ready? Well, If you still feel shy about your legs even after spraying, and regular stockings just won't do, or seems too unnatural...You Can Use Them BOTH! How? Simple~

There are times where I don't feel all that confident with my legs, so I resort to wearing stockings, but more often than not, regular stockings just can't seem to get my skin tone right, so my legs seem off in the photos. So I thought, what if, I applied the Cast'ee Air stocking spray BEFORE wearing my stockings? And so I did! And it was AMAZING! Take note, the regular stockings have to be skintone, and get the THIN one instead of the THICKER kind.

 you can see the difference in skin tone!

Finally, During my busy event schedule, It saved me the trouble of having to give more effort into my makeup, since it's so easy to apply! And not only does it work on your legs, but on your arms as well! Here is a video to show you the difference, but do take note, my skin only requires a small amount of air spray, since I already have light-colored skin.

I think Cast'ee Air Stockings is a very worth it investment. It literally lasted the whole day, and the longer you keep it on, the smoother your skin feels. After removing the regular stockings, the air stockings was still there, so definitely sweat and cloth proof! No need to worry about it rubbing off on your dress. I'd even compare it to an actual airbrush makeup, it's just that good! 

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