Tuesday, April 21, 2015

《CAST'EE》Perfect Body Slimming Mousse review

I have tried CASTEE Whitening Body Scrub before and 
I am very satisfied with the result !!

So when I saw "CASTEE" Perfect Body Slimming Mousse, I just cannot wait to try it!
It said that when apply on the mousse you just need slightly massage the part that you want slim!

Here is my CHUNKY ARM......(>///<)

Squeeze some mousse on hand

It will puff withing few seconds

                                               Apply the mousse on the arm

Massage in the form of circle

Will feel a little bit heated
And you can see from the pic, my arm was a little red
(I think it is because my FAT was burning ?! XDD)

The Ingredients of the product:
GREEN COFFEE - Prevent cutin getting old
FRANKINCENSE - Firming, Moisturizing, Fade Skin Tone, and                                        Smooth Wrinkles
YERBA MATE - Helping absorption 
VERBENA EXTRACT - Relaxing, Moisturizing, and Firming
SAGE EXTRACT - Gain Elasticity for Skin
ALGAE EXTRACT - Softening Skin
With these ingredients, you will feel moisture when you use the mousse!!

First Day! 
I measured my arm circumference......IT WAS 29 cm.

After 1 Week
IT WAS 28 cm!!!!

And 2 weeks passed by
My arm circumference was 26.5 cm!!!!!!!!!

Can you see the difference?
I think I can wear a sleeveless shirt with confidence soon !! 

About 《CAST'EE》Perfect Body Slimming Mousse Product details and how to buy ► http://goo.gl/SiV4KT


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