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How to Easily Remove Blackheads and Whiteheads


Whiteheads – Whiteheads are closed pores. They're generally blocked with skin oils which give them the white color. Closed or near closed pores nearly always become whiteheads.

Blackheads – Blackheads occur when the pore is full of sebum and cells, but isn't able to close. These open pores experience a reaction that causes melanin to turn them the dark color.

Here are some tips

● Cleanse:

The most easy way is to wash your face with a good cleanser at least twice a day. If your skin is very oily keep splashing plain water on your face. This way you will get rid of any dust that might block your pores. Remember that using cleansers excessively is going to increase the oil production making your face more oily.

● Exfoliate:

After cleansing, use a mild gentle scrub to deep cleanse your pores. Scrubs or exfoliate are great to remove dead skin accumulated on the skin. Gently massage the scrub, its rough texture will soften the pores and remove blackheads. Make sure you don’t over scrub your face as it will dry out your skin, increasing oil excretion.

● Exercise:
A work out is a gift to the body, especially for its fitness. Work out leads to sweat flow with rids the body of toxins and provides skin nutrition. This can effectively help in controlling minor skin problems.



1. Apply Acne Removal Mask and Tear Off after It Dry!
2. Apply
Dead Sea Mud Mask for 20-30 Mins!
3. Apply
Refining Lotion Spray!

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Thank you for reading. 
If you have any question about it, feel free to ask me in a comment below!

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

7 Of The Most Breathtaking Cinemas From Around The World

Floating Archipelago Cinema [Yao Noi, Thailand]

This cinema is dwarfed by the magnificent environment of the Nai Pi Lae lagoon that surrounds it. Every year, to celebrate the Film on the Rocks festival, a few lucky people are taken to the awe-inspiring raft by boat. You probably won’t be paying much attention to the screen if you get in.

Cineteca Matadero [Madrid, Spain]

Source: Dezeen
First constructed at the start of the twentieth century, the Cineteca Matadero has such an odd design because it was used as an abattoir for nearly 90 years. It has now been renovated to accommodate two cinema screens, but the main features of the abattoir remain.

Filmnachte Am Elbufer [Dresden, Germany]

Source: Filmnachte
This open-air cinema on the beautiful River Elbe is set in the magnificent city center of Dresden. Good luck trying to keep your eyes on the movie with the magnificent medieval architecture surrounding you that will easily eclipse any blockbuster.

Olympia Music Hall  [Paris, France]

Want to see a movie but don’t like the idea of actually having to sit up to do so? Every so often, the Olympia Music Hall does away with their seats and puts beds out instead. The event is perfect for couples or anyone too tall to fit in a seat comfortably.

Hot Tub Cinema [London, UK]

Source: Hot Tub Cinema
Want to get slippery and wet while you’re watching a film without getting escorted out by security? Enjoy a show with a view on this London rooftop, where seats are replaced with hot tubs. But, if you want to watch a movie without losing any toes, we recommend you wait till summer.

Infoversum Theatre

Source: Dezeen
The Infoversum merges cinema with planetarium. The oddly shaped building is home to a screen that occupies the entire slanted roof, offering a once in a lifetime experience. Yes, there are neck rests.

The Orange Cinema Club [Beijing, China]

The Orange Cinema has strong Chinese influence throughout. This exclusive club offers a luxurious setting in which you can enjoy fine drinks and superb movies,

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Review from Jhanelle Frances Trias 《CAST’EE》Air Stocking Spray

Air Stocking Review from Jhanelle Frances Trias

★ Directions of Use:- Shake the bottle several times for mix well.
- Apply to clean dry skin.
- Press and spray about 20cm away from the skin.
- Apply and spread quickly with your fingertips.
- Allow to dry thoroughly before wearing clothes or shoes.
- wash it out with water and soap.

Air Stocking is a spray-on formula that make legs appear as though nylons are being worn without the constricting, tight feeling of traditional nylons. This is different from a tanner as it is applying an opaque layer. 

☏ Viber: Shopping99ph

☏ VIBER: 09298501199

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《CAST'EE》Perfect Body Slimming Mousse review

I have tried CASTEE Whitening Body Scrub before and 
I am very satisfied with the result !!

So when I saw "CASTEE" Perfect Body Slimming Mousse, I just cannot wait to try it!
It said that when apply on the mousse you just need slightly massage the part that you want slim!

Here is my CHUNKY ARM......(>///<)

Squeeze some mousse on hand

It will puff withing few seconds

                                               Apply the mousse on the arm

Massage in the form of circle

Will feel a little bit heated
And you can see from the pic, my arm was a little red
(I think it is because my FAT was burning ?! XDD)

The Ingredients of the product:
GREEN COFFEE - Prevent cutin getting old
FRANKINCENSE - Firming, Moisturizing, Fade Skin Tone, and                                        Smooth Wrinkles
YERBA MATE - Helping absorption 
VERBENA EXTRACT - Relaxing, Moisturizing, and Firming
SAGE EXTRACT - Gain Elasticity for Skin
ALGAE EXTRACT - Softening Skin
With these ingredients, you will feel moisture when you use the mousse!!

First Day! 
I measured my arm circumference......IT WAS 29 cm.

After 1 Week
IT WAS 28 cm!!!!

And 2 weeks passed by
My arm circumference was 26.5 cm!!!!!!!!!

Can you see the difference?
I think I can wear a sleeveless shirt with confidence soon !! 

About 《CAST'EE》Perfect Body Slimming Mousse Product details and how to buy ►

About Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Pregnancy Stretch Marks

What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks can be visible on body parts including the tummy, thighs, hips, breasts, upper arms, and lower back. The marks form in the middle layer of the skin; when there is a constant stretch, the layer tears, leaving stretch marks.
This type of scarring happens when the skin cannot bounce back after pregnancy, weight gain, or extreme weight loss. The marks begin with a slightly red or purple shade and then fade, leaving the skin streaked in silvery white lines that may or may not disappear.

What causes stretch marks?

The skin consists of three key layers: epidermis (the outer layer), dermis (the middle layer) and subcutaneous or hypodermis (the deepest layer). Stretch marks form in the dermis when the connective tissue is "stretched" beyond the power of its elasticity due to rapid expansion or contraction of the skin from sudden growth or weight gain.

Top Stretch Mark Creams of shopping99ph 

Deeply repairing and fast getting rid of stretch marksAll in one- Whitening+ Firming+ MoisturizingNatural herb extract- Ginseng/ Flos Loniceran/ Morinda officinalis
Care mommy’s belly by getting rid of stretch marks

Excellent effect! I just have used 2 weeks; my stretch marks were obviously improved!! Thanks this product to change my life!!

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Summer is the perfect time to show off your skin. When you have it, flaunt it! But is yours ready for summer?

They say it takes a lot of effort and care to make your skin healthy and glowing unless you’re born with it.

But who says you cannot have healthy looking skin in a jiffy? Ladies, you’re born in a generation where impossible exists for a time only. 


Leg makeup? It’s not the first time I’ve heard of it. Sally Hansen is the famous “leg” makeup of all time. I haven’t tried it though because it’s quite pricey here in the Philippines.

If my memory serves me right, I have tried Leg foundation before. I think I got it from a local brand called “Ever Bilena” but I didn’t really like it. The shade is too pink, the foundation looks fake when worn and it transfer crazily. 

Air Stocking is supposed to work like your “panty hose.” Panty hose are close-fitting legwear, it is used to hide imperfections on your legs. Air stockings are basically foundation for your legs. It should give an airbrushed finish, meaning, while it covers imperfections, it shouldn’t look fake.

Air Stockings aren’t so popular yet in the Philippines. Though there are some Air stockings in malls, but they’re quite overpriced. Good thing, brought this product here in the Phillippines.

Castee Air Stocking is a Taiwan brand manufactured by Puro BioTechnology. 

Cast’ee Air Stocking Spray is a leg concealer makeup that  leaves the skin with a pinkish white glow, which is everybody dreams of, it’s perfect for those people who likes to wear super short shorts. This product also works on arms and back too. 

Product Features as below:

1. Formulated to properly color and even skin to make legs look flawless.
2. Hides spider veins, scars, stretch marks
3. Waterproof & Sweat proof & Smudge Proof.
4. Dries in only 30 seconds
5. Covers up uneven skin


To use it, you have to shake the bottle first to make sure that the product is distributed evenly. 

Spray it directly on your legs for approximately 20 cm distance. Use your hands to spread the product.

The product feels cool on skin. It’s watery which adds moist on my skin. Since it has watery consistency, spreading it is easy breezy. It’s a no-brainer product, you don’t need a blending skill to do it correctly.

The result is really natural-looking and somehow flawless. It gives my skin a nice glow.

Here are before and after comparison of my legs. No retouch. I didn’t photoshopped it,  swear.

Taken with Sony Cybershot

Taken with Iphone5

I cannot vouch on its longevity yet since I haven’t been wearing skirt or shorts these past few days. But when I do, I’ll update you on how long it will lasts on me.


It’s a good leg makeup to try. It brightens up my legs without making it look fake. At first I was quite sceptical that it will transfer but, thankfully, it didn’t. 

Where to buy: click HERE


 Viber: Shopping99ph

 VIBER: 09298501199

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Best nail polishes of Spring 2015

When I first received the new Dior Kingdom of Colors Spring 2015 Collection nail polishes I didn’t feel much excitement. The shades just didn’t seem to speak to me. Until I PUT THEM ON. Dude these are GORGEOUS!

660 Glory is another glorious surprise. At first I thought it was just another spring/summer bright warm pink but Glory is stunning. It has the same almost invisible micro shimmer and an almost jelly finish. The colour is juicy, bright, and luscious. So pretty! I think this will be my new go to summer pink. There is just some sort of special quality to her that makes her stand out. Formula on three shades was the typical Dior fabulousness.

295 Lady is a magical nude. It is a sort of dusty pale pink nude cream. It has the teeniest of invisible micro shimmer that isn’t really visible to the naked eye but I swear it does something to make it even more lovely. I can’t believe I thought it looked boring at first. I think it may just be my new favourite nude polish.

 Here is two coats of Top Coat Eclosion swatched over Lady. Pastel PERFECTION. There is a mix of pastel mint, blue, yellow and pink small hex and bar glitters. I don’t know why it looks so different in the bottle but on the nail it is AMAZING. I love me some pastels and these are gorgeous.

What do you think of the Dior spring colors and  Eclosion Top Coat? What would be your favorite Dior shade?