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Review from Phya 【 Cast’ee Whitening Body Scrub Mousse 】

Review: Cast’ee Whitening Body Scrub Mousse

I’m always on the lookout for good whitening products in the market, because I tan easily. I lather on sunscreen everyday, especially during outdoor activities, but that never seems to be enough, and I still find my skin getting darker. Truth is, I don’t use whitening products a lot, I find most of them to be irritating to the skin, and did more harm than good. There was this one time that I had more dark spots because of a whitening soap. Most whitening products are drying too, so I do try to avoid that. Usually I stick to one or two whitening products, a scrub and a lotion, because those forms are what I have found to be safest for whitening.

When Shopping99 asked me if I could review a whitening scrub (Cast’ee Whitening Body Scrub Mousse), I was initially apprehensive. However, after going through a few reviews, I was convinced to try it out, and make a review of my own. Shopping 99 is an online shop which started in Taiwan and has recently started gaining popularity in the Philippines. They carry mostly beauty products, as well as some health supplements.

CAST’EE Whitening Body Scrub Mousse Php 859

  • exfoliating mousse/foam with natural extracts
  • Royal Jelly - believed to have anti-aging properties
  • Witch Hazel Extract - astringent, soothing and calming
  • Bearberry Extract (arbutin) - skin lightening
  • Papaya Enzyme (papain) - softens dead skin cells and lightens spots
  • Pineapple Enzymes - softens skin 
  • Chamomile Extract - soothe and repair

  • Royal Jelly may cause allergies
  • do skin patch tests to determine if it suits your skin
  • avoid contact with eyes (aerosol)
  • cannot be used on the face
  • comes with insert that is sufficiently detailed, especially since the writing on the bottle is almost entirely in Chinese
  • pretty pink spray bottle
  • compact and easily stored
  • comes with easy dispense pump top

Directions for Use:
  1. Shake bottle fully before use
  2. Spray appropriate quantity on skin
  3. Spread on skin and continue rubbing until exfoliation starts
  4. Rinse with water

The foam actually expands more after dispensing out of the bottle. I was really amazed that a pea sized amount could expand to a size as big as my thumb!


As with the directions, you just have to keep rubbing, in a gentle circular motion, until there’s exfoliation. As you can see in the photos below, there was some dead skin cells instantly after application.

Now to the results:
Remember that I used the product only on my body, NOT on the face. I was generous with my application each time. I think that’s the reason why one bottle only lasted me until 4 applications. 
Below are the before and after results showing my elbows and knees, which I think show the differences effectively.


The product does have an instant lightening effect, though not super obvious at first. I really loved how my skin felt after though, very soft, smooth, and moisturized, even with just the scrub.


After four applications, I think my elbow lightened a little. More than the change in the shade, I could tell the difference by how my skin always felt after. Like it was renewed after every scrub.


For my knees, I think the result was more obvious. My knees were visibly lighter.


What I liked about it:
  • Easy to use and spread
  • instant visible results
  • made a big difference

  • a little pricey
  • has a hint of that “chemical” smell
  • easily used up

Overall, I think I would repurchase, I might just be less generous with the application so one bottle could last longer.

What do you think about the Cast’ee Whitening Body Scrub Mousse?

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Review : 《SKINAZ》The Kissable Lip Tattoo

SKINAZ The Kissable Lip 24H Lip Tattoo – 
When I first saw a video demo on how to use it, I have never seen anything like it!


Extracted from natural ingredient,100 % safe for anyone lips!!
Added collagen and deep ocean water to moisturize lip 
Long Lasting 24 hours indelible

Lip tattoo is composed of only 3 steps ! 

(1)Apply the lip tattoo thickly

(2)Wait for it to dry (takes about 10 minutes)

(3) Peel it off and it dyes your lips.

4 Color at your choice
✔ Lovely Pink

✔ Sexy Red


✔ Kiss orange

✔ Sweet Wine

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