Thursday, April 23, 2015

7 Of The Most Breathtaking Cinemas From Around The World

Floating Archipelago Cinema [Yao Noi, Thailand]

This cinema is dwarfed by the magnificent environment of the Nai Pi Lae lagoon that surrounds it. Every year, to celebrate the Film on the Rocks festival, a few lucky people are taken to the awe-inspiring raft by boat. You probably won’t be paying much attention to the screen if you get in.

Cineteca Matadero [Madrid, Spain]

Source: Dezeen
First constructed at the start of the twentieth century, the Cineteca Matadero has such an odd design because it was used as an abattoir for nearly 90 years. It has now been renovated to accommodate two cinema screens, but the main features of the abattoir remain.

Filmnachte Am Elbufer [Dresden, Germany]

Source: Filmnachte
This open-air cinema on the beautiful River Elbe is set in the magnificent city center of Dresden. Good luck trying to keep your eyes on the movie with the magnificent medieval architecture surrounding you that will easily eclipse any blockbuster.

Olympia Music Hall  [Paris, France]

Want to see a movie but don’t like the idea of actually having to sit up to do so? Every so often, the Olympia Music Hall does away with their seats and puts beds out instead. The event is perfect for couples or anyone too tall to fit in a seat comfortably.

Hot Tub Cinema [London, UK]

Source: Hot Tub Cinema
Want to get slippery and wet while you’re watching a film without getting escorted out by security? Enjoy a show with a view on this London rooftop, where seats are replaced with hot tubs. But, if you want to watch a movie without losing any toes, we recommend you wait till summer.

Infoversum Theatre

Source: Dezeen
The Infoversum merges cinema with planetarium. The oddly shaped building is home to a screen that occupies the entire slanted roof, offering a once in a lifetime experience. Yes, there are neck rests.

The Orange Cinema Club [Beijing, China]

The Orange Cinema has strong Chinese influence throughout. This exclusive club offers a luxurious setting in which you can enjoy fine drinks and superb movies,

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